Looking Forward to 2024

The Board reviewed the list of projects to be accomplished and prioritized them according to need and cost. For ones that we cannot finish in one year, we will develop a cycle to ensure that all units are repaired in a timely fashion. And of course, we will continue to address the regular maintenance and landscaping issues that always require our attention.

For 2023 our Priority Projects were as follows:


  • We purchased another $50,000 CD @5.25% interest. This brings our annual interest to about $20,000.
  • We have reserves in CD’s to help with major expenses like roofs, streets, and sidewalks. The Board’s goal is to keep building the reserves so homeowners will not have significant extra assessments when these expensive, but necessary replacements must be done.


  • After a lengthy number of years the shutter problem with birds has been 90% resolved. This was a major accomplishment! 
  • A new storage shed was installed to house HOA supplies, equipment, and tools.
  • Five new benches were installed around the walking path for people to rest and relax while exercising or just enjoying the outdoors! We have seen residents of all ages taking advantage of them.
  • Twelve back patio steps were replaced on North Village Circle and Harvest Mill Lane. That brings the total so far to 120 new steps for the development. The board is looking at the remaining steps on North Village and Harvest Mill, and then will move on to South Village Circle and Brookwood Drive.
  • Five cracked sidewalks were replaced, with continual repairs each year to manage costs as needs arise.
  • Two major cracks across Harvest Mill Lane were repaired to prevent future major damage. Currently, remaining roads  in the development are in good shape.
  • There are several items that have been placed either on an annual cycle or are in the process of becoming an annual repair. This helps the Board to manage finances, and also assists homeowners to know when their properties are due for maintenance.
  • Seal coating driveways just finished the fifth year of a 5-year cycle and will begin again in 2024. 
  • Power washing buildings will be on a 4 to 5-year cycle, depending on cost. 
  • Dryer vent cleaning finished its second year, and the information gathered will generate the final policy on when and how homeowners need to accomplish this. Look for the new policy by spring.
  • Individual units and buildings required normal repairs including siding, roofs, and other necessary maintenance.

Grounds (Landscaping):

  • Long’s Tree Service was engaged to prepare a professional tree management study of the entire development for pruning which will begin in 2024, as well as generating future ideas for the Grounds Committee.
  • The gardens continue to grow in the retention areas and help beautify the entire development.
  • Twenty-six new trees were planted throughout the development.
  • New signage for drivers to be aware that children are playing in the area was placed in the Brookwood Circle. Two additional Children playing signs have been purchased. We are currently waiting for the ground to warm for the posts to be installed. 
  • Dog bane was eliminated from the retention areas because it is harmful to animals.


  • The board was happy to implement the return of the monthly newsletter! We hope you enjoy receiving them as much as we enjoy creating them. 
  • We had such a great time at our Fall Block Party! We thank every neighbor that was able to come out and make it a success! We look forward to many more fun events! 
  • Updated email communication to the community- Over the summer we implemented a new email address and communication line to the board. We hope our updated system has been helpful and informative! 
  • Fall Decor contest- we loved seeing all of the beautifully decorated porches. We thank everyone who participated and congratulate the winners.

To get all this work accomplished and still maintain regular activities, the Board began building a committee structure in 2022. The committees’ responsibilities are explained under the HOA Board of Directors Section of the website. Committee membership is open to all residents. Ideally we would like a committee member who has expertise in the appropriate area. But if someone just wants to learn and participate, his/her service is appreciated. We will be respectful of everyone’s time as we recognize we are all busy people. Please use the “Committee Service Form” under the Forms Section of the website to indicate interest in joining.

Thank you again for your support and assistance as we move forward in 2024