Looking Forward to 2023

I am sure many residents noticed all the contractor activity last year. We had a very successful & busy year on our projects. Including the landscaping beautification efforts by our volunteer landscaping committee. (Read the landscaping page)

The Board reviewed the list of projects to be accomplished and prioritized them according to need and cost. For ones that we cannot finish in one year, we will develop a cycle to ensure that all units are repaired in a timely fashion. And of course, we will continue to address the regular maintenance and landscaping issues that always require our attention.

For 2022 our Priority Projects were as follows:

  • Shutter Repairs
    We have completed all shutters to prevent bird nesting. We do have a contractor who is committed to supporting us,. as bird issues arise. Shutters have been our top priority the past 2 years. We didn’t come up with a perfect solution, but it is a major improvement over past 15 years on shutters.
  • Back Steps
    We were able to replace 100 of worst steps last 2 years year. The most worn steps have been replaced & we will replace on a 1 on 1 basis next few years.
  • Brookwood driveway sealing
    We are committed to starting over on driveway sealing & expect to seal 6 units on Brookwood & about 30 units on Harvest Mill. We completed our plan to complete all driveways on a 5-year cycle.
  • Pressure Washing
    We will prioritize this according to the conditions of each building. We will be power washing the complete building and will put a future plan together that will address all buildings on a set cycle.
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
    We are working on a plan to resolve the dryer vent cleaning issue for the safety of our development. The plan will help ensure all homeowners are getting their vents cleaned in a timely manner. Continue to have your dryer vents cleaned every 2 years until we finalize a new procedure.
  • Streetlights
    All streetlights have been replaced with the new style Led lights as of June 1, 2022. The new Led’s are only 50 watts but are brighter than old lights. Campbelltown will be installing the same lights throughout the town in near future. The old-style lights are no longer available.

In 2022 we also replaced 100 front door facings on the older units that were rotting away.

To get all this work accomplished and still maintain regular activities, the Board began building a committee structure last year. The committees’ responsibilities are explained under the HOA Board of Directors Section of the website. Committee membership is open to all residents and others who live outside The Townes. Ideally we would like a committee member who has expertise in the appropriate area. But if someone just wants to learn and participate, his/her service is appreciated. We will be respectful of everyone’s time as we recognize we are all busy people. Please use the “Committee Service Form” under the Forms Section of the website to indicate interest in joining.

Thank you again for your support and assistance as we move forward in 2023