Frequently Asked Questions

For Homeowners & Tenants

The following information is just a sampling of the requirements for typical condominium living specified in the “Rules & Regulations” and “The Townes Bylaws” Sections of the website. Tenants are subject to the same rules as homeowners. Landlords must file the “Leasing Policy for Units” located under the Forms Section of the website and register their tenants. If tenants have concerns, they should contact their landlords who will then contact the management company. Tenants should not contact the management company directly.

  1. Who is responsible for home improvements?
    • The homeowner is responsible for interior construction and obtaining required Township construction and zoning permits.
    • Any exterior improvements or replacements for items such as windows, doors, garage doors, patio pavers, awnings, landscaping, etc., require that an “Application for Construction/Improvements(ACI) be submitted to the HOA Board for approval. The ACI and a separate “Retractable Awnings” document are located under the Forms Section of the website.
    • At the discretion of the Board, the HOA is responsible for the maintenance and replacement of such items as exterior walls, roofs, shutters, siding, steps, porches, patios, sidewalks, driveways, etc.

  2. Who is responsible for problems with utilities such as water and sewage?
    Homeowners are responsible for any pipe breakages from their units to the main line. Homeowners must deal with utility companies directly and are encouraged to purchase utility insurance when it is available.

  3. Who is responsible for landscaping within the development?
    The HOA hires a contractor to mow all the grounds and landscape only the front yards of all units. Upon the Board’s approval of an ACI, a homeowner may perform additional landscaping and outdoor improvements at his/her own expense.

  4. Who is responsible for snow and ice removal?
    Homeowners are responsible for clearing snow and ice from their driveways, porches, walkways, and patios. Any damage from using rock salt will not be repaired by the HOA. The HOA hires a contractor to clear the streets and sidewalks when accumulation is two inches or there are extenuating circumstances. The HOA has 24 hours after a snow or ice storm ends to clear the streets and sidewalks. Since Brookwood Drive is a public road, the Township is responsible for its maintenance including snow and ice removal.

  5. What is the procedure for selling a home?
    A homeowner should notify The Townes’ management company of his/her intent to sell a unit as soon as possible so that the HOA may conduct an inspection and required maintenance. The seller must also request a resale certificate from the management company who requires advance notice of 72 hours.